Sunday, April 13, 2014

MUD Season

You know the drill everyone.  The snow is melting, we are all itching to get on dirt but we have to use our heads this time of year.  We had a more substantial snow pack than we've had in the last few years so its probably going to take a bit longer for the trails to harden up this season.

Ramblin' Vewe Farm is officially closed to riding and has signage on site that we all need to respect.  Even if things are getting closer to being ready, if the signs are up do the right thing and save it for another day.

While other riding spots may not be 'officially' closed many of them might as well be for now.  Please use your best judgment.  Here is a recent report from damnation at MTBR from Friday the 11th:

"First Hand Report on Franklin and Spaulding-today at noon-- Lots of snow and ice at Franklin, that's about 50-85% snow and ice coverage-ice up to 4" deep on Snowmo trails/roads and singletrack, compaction here. I walked Coleman Road and came down Sniper, my adopted trail. What is not snow or ice, is mud--- the fabled drainage at Franklin is still frozen below the surface from the 5 degree below normal Winter. Some of the snow is still 8-16" + deep. Sniper was a ribbon of ice from Winter compaction.So when the snow and ice go, another week at least, we will still have mud. And Lots of branches and debris from a stormy Winter. Two weeks looks better unless it is 70, blue skies, above freezing at night. It could be May 1...ditto Spaulding--I drove down to the parking lot, and saw the same amount of snow as Franklin--have pics of today if I figure out how to post them."

So be smart.  Stick to the road or class VI or take this opportunity to visit some friends down south.  Many ride spots are already riding well down in MA and southern NH.  We'll update here as things get better in our area.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Map for Spaulding Woods

Yet another iteration of the map for Spaulding Woods.  This area continues its meteoric rise! Be sure to check it out this Spring. (This map is also posted on the Trail Maps page)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

11/3 Page Hill Trail Day Recap

We put in another fun and productive trail day at Page Hill last Sunday with 10 people in attendance. The weather was cool, but calm, dry and sunny. We enjoyed coffee and doughnuts together in the parking lot (thanks Grant!) before heading to to the work site by foot, bike and truck. Matt and Grant made their way out with leaf blowers in hand. They got everything but Spring trail cleaned up. We hope to have Spring blown this week.

Working around the open area of the powerlines would have been pretty miserable if the day had been windy. As it was, we were able to just enjoy the nice views:

James sculpted the run-in of the trail to perfection:

 Mike and Don laughed at Jesse's silly ideas:

These two berms each have a 15' radius and are filled with rock to ensure they hold up. Greg, Don and James all served as test pilots. The smiles on their faces indicate that we got something right.
 When we finished the berms we took a quick break for snacks and coffee. 

As we come out on to the power lines we had to do some benching in pretty tough soils. We didn't build a million miles of trial, but what we built came out with a fun, rolling flow.

Mike and Greg contemplate the placement of the rock. This will serve as a launch point for a small drop. We left off with the landing built, but there the trail ends. Further progress will probably have to wait for next year.

We wrapped up trail day, and probably the trail building season, with pizza, soda and beer in the parking lot (thank again, Grant!). It was really great to bump into several trail users in the lot at that time! It really makes the work feel worthwhile to see others enjoy the result.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Trail Day at Page Hill Sunday Nov 3rd

We're holding a trail day at Page Hill on Nov 3rd to build a new flow trail.  We'll have registration from 8 to 9AM in the parking lot on Murray Hill Rd., work until 2PM, then CNH NEMBA will provide pizza.  Please park either in the lot or on the same side of the road as the lot.

The work site is a couple miles from the parking lot.  I recommend bringing your bike to get out and back.  It will also come in handy for testing!

We'll provide tools, some light snacks, and water.  You should bring work gloves and additional water.

The goal for the style of the new trail is best described by the IMBA Flow Country model.  We're looking for creative input on the detailed design of the trail.  Please contact Jesse if you want to help out with design.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Yet Another New Map for Spaulding Woods

Post trail day map of Spaulding Woods with Swamp Donkey added.  I was bummed to miss out on the work but it sounds like the day was a success.  Quick recap from the Youth Center:

"We had 18 people show up and totally roughed in Swamp Donkey, hauled lumber to build a bridge, added a couple berms, and built up a natural double. Smallish Varmint also got revamped with 5 micro berms and some rock armoring. Most of the other trails were leaf blown as well."

Also should probably mention here that riders will encounter some signage up towards the top of the hill asking riders to go no farther.  The Youth Center has reserved some of the shorter trails up towards the top of the hill for exclusive school use.  Do the right thing and respect their wishes and head back down the hill on the fun stuff.

All this place needs now is wheels and more wheels!  Get out there and check it out!