Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ahern is Leaf Blown and Ready to Go

Not exactly a "Trail Day" but I did manage to run around with my backpack blower and get every trail on State Land blown off and much easier to find.  Only section I didn't get was either a section of Connector or Backbone (I forget which is which) over on the Southeast side of the park by Sunset.

Everything is riding really great right now.  Appears like after those windy days Friday and Saturday just about all the leaves are down so its a great time to get out and get a few trails cleared off if you have some time.  I have a feeling we're going to have a nice extended late Fall / early Winter riding season.

Get out and enjoy it!

If anyone gets any other ride spots blown off update here or shoot me a note so we can keep everyone updated.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Elm Brook Trail Day Saturday Sept 5th

We'll be meeting at the Henniker Brewing Company (129 Centervale Rd. Henniker, NH) at 8:00am

We'll be re-decking one bridge and building another.  Both work sites are somewhat remote from the trailhead so bringing a bike to ride in would probably be a good idea.  We are set for tools so just bring some water and work gloves etc.

Hope to see you there!

Contact Nick Holmes for more details (

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A few updated Maps

Maps for Page Hill and Ramblin Vewe have been updated on the Trail Maps page.

There is a new trail at Page Hill called 'Connector' that connects Hydra back up to Hard Hat at about the mid point to allow for slightly easier lapping of Shock Therapy.

The trail gnomes have been VERY busy at Ramblin Vewe and there is a slew of new trails ready to be ridden in.  Most of them are on the south side of the property and they offer all kinds of new loop options.  Get out there and check them out!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Page Hill Fixer Upper Trail Day

Despite the rather moist weather today, we managed to assemble a small group out on Shock Therapy at Page Hill to correct a bad line and fix a wet area that was causing some difficulties for a number of riders.  Given the amount of rain that had fallen, it was a little hard to tell if we fixed the wet area, but we didn't make it worse and once things dry out a bit, we think it will be riding much better.

The bad line we worked on was a jump known as "Hankenstein". There have been several reports of riders getting hurt on the jump and we determined that the ramp of the jump was too steep and there was too much of a depression on the approach.  This was causing riders to go nose heavy as they hit the end of the jump resulting in some out of control landings.

So we ended up extending the ramp roughly 3 bike lengths back resulting in a much smoother transition and a more progressive jump.  None of us brought bikes to test out the newest version of "Hankenstein" because it was so damn crappy out, but we are pretty sure that it is going to work much better now.   We also widened the transition area after the jump to make landings safer.  Happy riding...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Trail Work @ Page Hill Sunday 6/28

We are planning a little impromptu trail work day this Sunday 6/28. We'll be meeting out on Shock Therapy right where it enters the woods at 9AM. We will be doing some refinement work. Bring your bike, We need test pilots! Working until about 1pm.

Contact Jesse McGowan for additional info (jesse[at]mcgowans[dot]info)

Hope to see you there!